Copra Cake and Copra Meal


Organic Certified Copra Cake and Copra Meal - is the solid residue of the copra after it is mechanically pressed to extract the coconut oil. It is used as an ingredient in the production of animal feeds and other types of feeds for poultry and aquaculture.

Product specifications are as follows:

Moisture Not more than 10.00 %
Protein Not less than 18.00 %
Fat Content Not less than 8.00 %
Ash Not more than 7.00 %
Crude Fiber Not more than 12.00 %
Lipids 13.35
N-free extract 37.17
Galactan 0.46
Soluble carbohydrates 21.08
Pentosans 4.97
Reducing sugars 1.35
Colour Brown



Protein 90 %
Fat 100 %
Extractable Matter 87 %
Fiber 23 %
Ash 64 %


Copra Cake and Copra Meal is available either as Organic Certified and Non-Organic. Packing is in 40 kilo PP sacks or shipped in bulk.